Securities Practice

One of the fastest growing and most acclaimed teams in the firm, Co-Efforts securities practice team specializes in corporate governance, risk management, equity financing, bond financing, IPOs, New-three board and OTC listing in foreign jurisdictions. Co-effort has provided securities related services to multiple Fortune 500 companies as well as MNCs and Chinese enterprises of varying sizes. The team has assisted clients with equity and bond financing and also with the full range of services relating to New three board listings in Shanghai and Wuxi. The team has also assisted clients with their IPOs both in China and abroad and enjoys high reputation and a significant market share of historical IPOs. Co-effort also prides itself in its long standing close connections with many investment banks, securities companies, leading accounting firms and appraisers both in China and abroad. What is more, the firm has a close working relationship with the relevant government supervisory bodies.

 Optimization of Corporate Governance Structure and Risk Management
Our team helps enterprises design and optimize governance structures- we establish procedures and rules for shareholder, BOD and board of supervisors meetings, external guarantees, incentive plans (including option and equity related ones), reorganizations and company rules and regulations. The team also provides the full scope of services relating to perennial legal consulting, document drafting, reviews and approvals, labor management and risk prevention.

 Equity and bond financing
The team specializes in designing integrated projects for investment and financing, HR arrangements, credit arrangements, tax planning and provision of legal opinions We also provide due diligence and negotiation support services, document drafting and project management, including coordination between relevant entities, including accounting firms and government agencies. We pride ourselves in our long standing working relations with multiple leading securities companies, investment banks and funds.

 IPO services
In the area of overseas listings, the team cooperates closely with leading foreign securities companies, accounting and law firms. We work closely together with our international partners and clients to analyze risks, study the environment and pinpoint optimal regions for listing. We have successfully assisted many enterprises with their financing and listings.
In the area of domestic IPOs, we assist with due diligence, project planning, meeting legal requirements of stock issuing and listing, reviewing, modifying and drafting relevant documents, relating to equity and asset restructuring and joint stock reforms. We assist securities companies and joint stock companies according to their needs and issue legal opinions, as well as prepare declaration documents.

New Three Board Services
The team assists enterprises with implementing asset restructuring and joint stock reforms, due diligence and addressing the issues identified within, preparation of relevant agreements and documents, governance structure optimization, legal opinions and the full scope of services relating to New Three Board listings.

OTC Listings
The team consults enterprises and designs listing projects, reform and restructuring plans. We also assist enterprises with implementing asset restructuring and joint stock reforms, due diligence and addressing the issues identified within, preparation of relevant legal opinions, agreements and documents, as well as regular consul services relating to the everyday operation of companies.

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