International Trade


Co-effort has a long history in the area of international trade related services. Co-effort’s lawyers are highly ranked and recognized for their expertise to help clients identify and prevent legal risks, offer creative solutions and maximize business returns.

Most of the team members have overseas degrees and working experience and are also licensed to practice in foreign jurisdictions. They are also very familiar and comfortable with foreign business practices and cultures.

Clients of Co-effort’s international trade team include large SOEs and trans-national enterprises headquartered in US, Switzerland, Japan, UK, Singapore, Italy, HK etc. Our clients are from a multitude of industries including iron & steel, coal, petroleum, fertilizers, grain, mechanical devices and electronics.

Co-effort lawyers are respected experts in international trade and customs issues and true to the very nature of modern day international trade, they provide practical solutions quickly and flexibly. We assist our clients in designing strategies that both minimize future risks and conflicts, and also help them prevail should disputes occur.

Our areas of expertise include international trade settlements, financing/assurance claims, export/import practice, international maritime cargo transport and insurance, processing trade, compensation/bonded trade, export rebates, trade preferences, certificate of origin and other practices in international trade.

Co-effort also assists with establishing trade companies, applications for export rebates and trade preferences, compliance with customs regulations, including formalities of customs declaration, commodity inspection and quarantine inspection.

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