Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

Co-effort’s M&A and finance team is well versed in the areas of finance, taxation and accounting and provides services relating to M&A, finance, financing, IPOs and stock restructuring.
Co-effort has notably provided M&A finance and financing services for numerous multinational groups and listed companies specializing in real estate, banking, control engineering, catering industry, PE, trusting, chemical industry and hotel management. Co-effort also has offered professional legal services for the M&A project of a world-famous auto group and world leading chemical group, financing of China’s state bank, real estate trusting, and mineral fund.

 Co-effort also helps clients learn about and select optimal solution by designing transaction structures, preparing and executing legal documents. By creating effective business strategies tailored to the clients’ needs, Co-effort is also capable of helping the clients comply with all necessary formalities as mandated by the supervising bodies.



Co-effort offers services including early-stage survey of relevant legal environments, designing and optimizing transaction structure in the M&A process, legal due diligence of the target company, credit and debt arrangements, participating in business negotiations, preparing transaction documentation, altering registration and transferring formalities of assets and equity.



Co-effort offers services in establishing securities investment funds, industrial investment funds and real estate funds, and helps with fund issuance and investment.


Co-effort offers services including due diligence in trust of real estate projects, mineral rights, equity and usufruct, assistance in business negotiations and preparing agreements and contracts.


Co-effort offers services such as consultancy, registration and financing structure arrangements for guaranteeing corporate loans from banks.



Co-effort offers services including IPO legal consultancy, design of IPO strategy, restructuring and reorganizing, equity incentives, and other legal services concerning the corporate stock reform. The team also helps client companies improve governance structure and comply with rules and regulations, prepares or reviews legal documentation and agreements, conducts due-diligence investigations, prepares due diligence reports and provides legal opinions.

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