Dispute Resolution


Co-effort’s Dispute Resolution team has an outstanding reputation both in China and internationally and is known for its creative solutions in solving high stakes civil, criminal, administrative, economic disputes and arbitration as well as disputes in admiralty and maritime, IPR, and international trade. Before joining the team, many of the team members worked with Chinese courts and arbitration institutions at all levels.


The team’s services include litigation and arbitration assistance with respect to legal documents, evidence and consultancy and pre-litigation investigation and analysis, as well as support for all types of litigation and arbitration proceedings such as conciliation or proceedings in civil disputes, consultancy on criminal laws, acting as agent ad litem of the client and petition, filing lawsuits, application for property preservation, defense, various kinds of administrative hearings, administrative reviews or proceedings, and mediation, arbitration and litigation of Chinese and overseas disputes. Our dispute resolution practice is recognized for its strengths in the following fields:


Corporate Disputes

We assist clients with resolving disputes relating to infringement on the interest of corporate contributors, corporate leasing operations, M&A, and contractual management contracts; shareholders’ capital contribution; equity transfer; corporate resolutions and corporate merger, demerger, capital reduction, capital increases and dissolution.


Contractual Disputes

We assist clients with resolving disputes relating t to purchase/sale contracts; loan or guarantee contracts; lease contracts; processing/contracting agreements; property service contracts; deposit contracts; construction land use contracts; real estate development/operation contracts; property purchase and sale contracts; financial leasing contracts; and construction project contracts.


Labor Disputes

Co-effort lawyers help clients resolve various labor disputes including ones relating to labor contracts and social security. The team also provides clients with legal solutions to labor-related disputes that arise out of corporate assets reorganizing, M&A and equity transfers.


Bankruptcy Disputes

The Co-effort team can assist clients to efficiently resolve disputes concerning corporate bankruptcy, including applications for bankruptcy settlements, applications for bankruptcy reorganizing, confirmation of bankrupt debts, setoff rights and exemption rights.


IPR Disputes

We assist clients in the areas of unfair competition, IPR infringement, franchise rights, trade secrets, claims against false advertisements, non-competition and other IPR-related litigations.


International Trade (WTO) Disputes

The team is highly regarded in the areas of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and anti-trust services in China and abroad.

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