Construction & Real Estate

Co-Effort services span the whole process of real estate development, from documentation preparation, bidding, construction, marketing to property management. Our lawyers provide legal opinions to help clients understand and better control potential risks.
Co-effort’s Real Estate team is home to lawyers from varied backgrounds, such as courts, government agencies, real estate developers, construction companies and banks. As the executive member of All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce, Real Estate Chamber of Commerce, and permanent legal advisor to China Construction Metal Structure Association, Co-effort has provided litigation and non-litigation services to more than a hundred large and medium-sized construction companies and developers.
Co-effort services in the field include land use right grants, transfers and pledges; real estate investment and leasing; mortgages; general contracting of construction engineering, bidding and bids; BT and BOT projects and real estate development and operations. Co-effort is listed among the “outstanding law firms/teams in the Yangtze River Delta” and 10 Most Recommended Legal Teams in China by ENR/Construction Times.
Co-effort has published three books relating to legal affairs in construction and real estate (including Preventing and Resolving Legal Disputes for Construction Companies and Practice in Real Estate Development and Operations) and hundreds of articles in construction and real estate magazines and journals such as Construction and Construction Corporate Management.



Services in this field include early-stage investigations, reviews of bidding documents, due diligence including collecting information concerning the credit standing of bidding parties; review and drafting of contracts and documents such as Construction Contracts in the performance stage, assisting with disputes arising from pricing, quality and delay issues, participating in acceptance; review of contracts, performance materials and settlement documents in the project settlement stage by verifying the legal compliance of certificates, licenses, claims and other documents to help manage potential risks and disputes.
Co-effort also provides due diligence investigations, legal analysis and negotiations for transferred projects; in-depth analysis and evidence reviews for disputes regarding construction projects. Co-effort’s services ensure that the client’s construction projects are are completed without complications and on schedule.


Real Estate Development

Co-effort also provides services such as review and revision of contracts; legal opinions on the establishing of the client’s internal policies; analysis of project plans and participation in negotiations between the clients and their partners; legal analysis and consultancy regarding feasibility, land use rights transfers and grants; review and revision of bidding documents; helping the management to collect materials of construction; and consultancy for pre-sale and sale of real estate projects.
Co-effort provides due diligence investigations, in-depth analysis and all major single-item services as well as litigation and arbitration services for real estate project transfers, company incorporations, merger and demerger, equity transfers, M&A and reorganizations, financing projects, IPOs and IPR transfers.


Legal Training

Co-effort provides legal opinions and training programs for real estate developers’ executives and sales teams, designed to keep them abreast of existing and newly-promulgated relevant laws, rules, regulations and policies. The firm also provides tailor made training programs for senior and mid-level executives, focusing on key considerations in real estate and construction (such as EPC, BT and receivables) so as to help them establish a system preventing legal risks.  

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