Anti-trust & Trade Remedies

With China’s rising status in economy, many Chinese enterprises are “going international” and overseas enterprises are making their presence in China. The cross-border transactions between China and other countries are becoming more frequent that more trade disputes arises today.

Co-effort boasts a professional team offering legal services in anti-trust and trade remedy. The team has made outstanding performance and accumulated ample experience in many cases of anti-trust and trade remedy. Our professional team is amply experienced in practicing and offers professional legal services for our clients in investigations concerning unfair competition, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures.

As one of the first legal firms engaged in practices in anti-dumping, Co-effort has accumulated ample experience in responding to nearly 100 lawsuits and cases concerning anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures in nearly 20 years. Having acted as agent and successfully responded to a large number of cases, Co-effort is highly recognized and praised by its clients.

Co-effort keeps assisting the Ministry of Commerce in conducting special researches concerning trade remedy laws and practice that the law firm has accumulated ample experience both in theory and practice. In the meantime, Co-effort maintains sound relationship with the Ministry of Commerce and its Anti-monopoly Bureau, National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other supervising bodies.

 Anti-trust and Competition

Co-Effort has successfully assisted leading Chinese and international enterprises prepare and file declarations of concentration. Our services include legal consultancy and training, collecting supporting materials and evidence, preparing and submitting declarations of concentration, attending hearings, participating in reviews, and communicating with the Ministry of Commerce about specific issues in the declarations. Co-effort also represents clients in civil compensation cases in relation to anti-trust claims, provides legal services for enterprise impaired by monopoly abuses; assists in administrative proceedings in anti-trust investigations; helps trade associations and Chinese enterprises with market competition and pricing monitoring. The team also provides legal proposals and assistance with anti-trust investigations of Chinese enterprises abroad.

Trade Remedies

We provide services relating to investigations of unfair competition, anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures, including consultancy, collecting and analyzing investigation materials for Chinese enterprises, preparing and submitting appeals for revision, attending hearings, participating in negotiations on price undertakings and re-hearings; filing complaints against dumping or subsidies and other trade remedy measures on behalf of Chinese enterprises; responding to China’s anti-dumping investigation for Chinese enterprises; responding to major overseas anti-dumping investigators against Chinese industries or enterprises concerning anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard measures; assisting with developing defense strategies and helping collect and organize materials and completing questionnaires.

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